Of all the Churches in Johnstown, the United Methodist Church has a quite a rich history…

On June 18, 1967, the existing Evangelical United Brethren and the Methodist Episcopal Church were merged to form the United Methodist Church of Johnstown. This merger anticipated the union of the two denominations nationally in June, 1968.

Services were held in the Old Dilley Chapel, located at 809 Charlotte St. (moved from Elwell in 1927), until October 6, 1974 when the congregation moved into the current building located at 108 King Avenue.

The former Methodist Church, located at 420 Charlotte St., was sold to the Assembly of God Church and the Dilley Chapel was sold to the congregation of the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.

He are some frequent questions that are asked about our church:

Q: What is our Worship style?
A: We blend contemporary and traditional music. Our worship is a liturgy framework in a traditional setting (we have pews) but we maintain an informal family atmosphere. We have a Chancel Choir, a Handbell Choir, a Kids’ Choir, a Youth Band, organ, piano, electric piano, flutes, trumpets, and guitars. We do indeed “Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord!”
Q: Are children welcome to attend services?
A: We have lots of families with lots of kids, so we do lots with them. We have a nursery for babies and toddlers, or they can stay with you in worship. Bigger kids stay with their families until about halfway through worship after the children’s sermon. They then are welcome to attend children’s church in the fellowship hall.
Q: What about Christian Education?
A: We have church school for all ages. We have a nursery during our church school time so the adults can nurture their own spiritual growth while attending adult classes. We nurture couples and families in our parenting class. Our church school breaks in the summer.
Q: What is appropriate attire?
A: God sees what’s inside more that what’s outside. In any given Worship service we will see people dressed in their “church clothes” and we will see blue jeans and tee-shirts. And if it is Bronco Sunday, you will see a lot of Orange and Blue!